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one-on-one coaching

Heal Your Heart Coaching Program

In this 8-week coaching program I help you heal your heart from the inside out.

Fast-track your way to clarity, confidence, fulfillment, and healing.

If you're living with self-doubt, imposter syndrome, insecurity, unfulfillment, resentment, or stuckness, this program is for you.

These can be overcome when you start to heal your heart.

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Vera Ilnyckyj, B.Comm, MBA

I'm a coach because I want to provide support for people to gain clarity about what’s important in their life, to connect with their purpose, and to take action to live a genuine, fulfilled and positive life. I want to provide an opportunity for people to determine action steps that will propel them to greater work, deeper life satisfaction, and true connection with their best self.

Momentum means that we are moving forward with positive, purposeful, and focused energy.  

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