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Say goodbye to 2021 from a place of positivity so that you can start the new year with renewed energy!

You can't start something new without ending the old. Reflecting on the past year can be a powerful way to gain insight about what worked for you and why, what you accomplished, and where the gaps were, so that you can enter the new year with a clear mind and confident spirit.  

Be intentional about how you start the new year

This starts with closing out the current year. Say goodbye from a place of gratitude and acceptance, intentionally recognizing all that happened in 2021. In this workshop you will have time to:

  • Acknowledge yourself for your accomplishments and successes

  • Let go of the things that didn't go so well

  • Remember what you're grateful for

  • Set some intentions for 2022

  • Connect with others for support and inspiration

Instead of setting new year's resolutions this year, how about a different approach? 

Closing out the current year will allow you to pause, reflect, and be present. It will change how you think about the new year because you'll be starting from a fresh perspective and with renewed energy. 

Take time for yourself. It's amazing what can be done in a one hour workshop. You're worth it and your future self will thank you!

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Thursday, Dec 23, 2021, 7-8pm MST

Location: Zoom (link will be sent upon registration)

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Are you looking for motivation, inspiration, and accountability so that you can create your best life?


Join a group of like-minded people, all who want to start off each month with their best foot forward. It's a great way to move forward with your goals and achieve all that you want. 


Here's how it works:

  • We meet the first Sunday of each month from 4-5pm MST (on Zoom)

  • Each month will feature a different theme or topic that will be used for personal reflection and focus, so that you can bring what you learn with you into the coming month.

  • We'll look back the previous month to acknowledge accomplishments and successes, and reflect on things we could have improved on (remember, no self-judgement here; we're here to learn and grow!)

  • We'll also look to the month ahead and set some intentions, goals, or action steps, or whatever you need to make it a great month for you!

  • All you need to bring is a journal, pen, an open mind, and a supportive and positive energy.

  • This time is meant for you to pause, reflect, take notes, plan, dream. You won't need to share your thoughts, unless you want to.


I'm thrilled to be leading these calls to help you realize your purpose, reach your goals, and create an amazing life for yourself.


Make time for yourself to 'spark up your month' so that you can create momentum to reach your goals and create an amazing month. 


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Upcoming Dates (all calls are 4-5pm MST)

Location: Zoom (link will be sent upon registration)

Sunday, Dec 5, 2021

Sunday, Jan 2, 2022

Sunday, Feb 6, 2022

Sunday, Mar 6, 2022