How to Experience multiple and disparate feelings all at the same time

Have you been feeling a lot of feelings lately?

It may feel strange and chaotic to hold many disparate feelings in your heart all at the same time. Duality of feelings is real.

You can feel love and disappointment at the same time towards the same person. You can feel sad and angry about world events and yet hopeful for humanity – all at the same time. You can feel discouraged by where you are in life, and also grateful for all that you have. You can feel frustrated by something that is happening in your life, but also trusting and empowered too. All together. All at once. All crammed into your heart and mind vying for attention.

What to do about this?

Watch my video above to learn my thoughts on this and how to handle feeling multiple and opposing feelings at the same time.

It starts with awareness that you feeling overwhelmed might actually be a lot of feelings and emotions coming up at the same time, and they’re all jumbled together so it comes through as chaos and anxiety.

Next, is taking quiet, still time to explore all those different feelings and emotions you’re feeling.

And then you need to sort through them and examine each one individually. This examination is learning about and becoming aware of what you’re actually feeling. How many feelings are there? What are the names of the feelings? Where do you feel them in your body? How does each one make you feel? It’s about getting super curious about each individual feeling. Curiosity means asking yourself a lot of questions and then giving yourself time and permission to answer the questions.

These questions could be:

  • What triggered this feeling?

  • Does it serve me?

  • What is it trying to teach me?

  • Is there an opportunity for learning or growth here?

  • Am I available for this feeling or does it need to be let go?

  • How can I let it go?

  • If it does serve me, how can I use it to fuel my vision, my goals, or my intentions?

The work with this sorting process is being open to the process. Being open to examining each feeling. Being open to feeling the feeling. Being open to asking questions. Being open to learning and growing as a person. Being open to letting things go, and open to receiving things. It’s about being open to the trust and faith you have in yourself and knowing that the answers are within you.

This work isn’t easy. It takes time. It takes honesty. It takes courage. It takes compassion.

But it’s worth it because on the other side of this process is healing, learning, and growth. On the other side of this process are gifts and opportunities. I promise you that.

✨ ✨ ✨

If you need help with sorting through your feelings and seeing the opportunities and gifts in your life and taking action on them -- I can help. Don't just dream about having the discipline to reach your goals. Work with me in my private one-on-one coaching container to make them come to life. Book a Discovery Call today.

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