Vera Ilnyckyj, B.Comm, MBA

I'm a coach because I want to provide support for people to gain clarity about what’s important in their life, to connect with their purpose, and to take action to live a genuine, fulfilled and positive life. I want to provide an opportunity for people to determine action steps that will propel them to greater work, deeper life satisfaction, and true connection with their best self.

I want to help people create "momentum for better living". Momentum means moving forward with positive, purposeful, and focused energy.  


A personal challenge earlier in my life and career was a lack of clarity about my life purpose. There was a time in my life where I felt my job had no purpose. Therefore it felt like I had no purpose, and I didn't feel I was making any meaningful contributions to the world. I was also going through a divorce and experiencing all the (mostly negative) feelings that go along with a major life transition. Overall I felt stuck and unsure of what to do next. Hiring a coach was one of the best things I did. It was shortly thereafter that I was let go from my current job and it was such a blessing to have a coach alongside me as I went through yet another major life challenge.

Fast forward a decade, and now I'm a coach, and helping people get unstuck in their own lives. I love helping people find clarity about what's important to them, inspire them to think about all the many ways they contribute to the world around them, help them create strategies for reaching their goals, and give them time and space to connect with the answers that are already inside them. Having a sense of purpose and fulfillment is something that I believe all of us are striving towards but we don't always know how to get there. I've come to believe that each of us have gifts that make the world a better place. ​​​

My mission is to help people shine their light more brightly so that together we can make a positive impact on the world.​​

Your ability to shine your light out into the world matters. Because that's how you make a positive impact and live your purpose.

But you can't do that if your heart is broken.

Broken hearts are a fact of life. They happen through a breakup of a relationship, a divorce, the death of a loved one, a betrayal, a rejection of any kind, or an emotional hurt of any kind.

Broken hearts don’t always happen in big ways – like death or divorce – but in little cuts over and over again over our lifetimes. Hearts can be broken by someone telling you you’re not good enough. Broken hearts can look like being compared to someone else and feeling ‘less than’ or other or different. Your heart can be broken by being told you don’t belong here. Broken hearts happen when we don’t feel safe, or loved or accepted.

In my 8-week "Heal Your Heart" coaching program I help you heal your heart from the inside out.

I am passionate about helping people heal their heart, and (re)connect with their purpose, especially those who are in mid-career and experiencing life changes, milestone birthdays, or yearning to connect with what is truly important to them.

My other passions include leadership, personal development, physical activity, wellness, connecting with people, and supporting local businesses.

My soul gets revived in the nearby gorgeous Rocky Mountains and I love spending time with friends hiking, skiing, snowshoeing, running and cycling. I have recently taken up mountain biking too. I enjoy travelling, camping, reading, cooking, and spending time with friends. I have a dream to one day own a cottage retreat in the mountains.


  • Certified Professional Coach, International Coach Academy, 2016

  • MBA, University of Calgary, 2002

  • Bachelor of Commerce, University of Calgary, 1995

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